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What We Do

 Mission & Vision 

Our goal is to increase the number of local podcast listenership among minorities by creating a network of twenty storytellers that will collaborate while promoting the local black interests. From highlighting black community leaders to sharing stories about issues that impact the black community, our team is committed to the success of this initiative. We currently provide podcasts production, training, marketing assistance, a podcast studio and workspace to individuals interested in podcasting.

We are an Akron based initiative that supports local aspiring storytellers by using podcasting to share stories that local media outlets tend to overlook.

-Angie Higgins, Owner of Embracing Ur Journey 

Our Mission

Be You is dedicated to the highest quality of audio podcasts delivered with thoughtfulness, care and empathy while raising African American podcast awareness in Akron, Ohio

Our Mission

Our Vision

To be the number one advocate in Akron, Ohio

of black professionals, community leaders and creatives through podcasting

Podcasts For The Black Experience

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